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Training Programme

The Society organized many types of camp, workshop and training program for the different place of differentPanchayet.It has continued itsvarious social welfare programmes for the benefit of Rural people which we undertake every year.The financing help from DRD Cell, Hooghly ZillaParishad.D.I.C. V.T.P and others. Society was taken Project of Skill development Training for BPL and backward women of SGSY group. In this training program our trainer has given to these SGSY women Group proper training of Jorichickon and tailoring etc. for their self – employment. The local administration and other persons were present in these camps. The people of this area satisfied with this program. They request us for conducting this programme in future also. The programmes implemented by the Organization are detailed herewith.


With the support from local administration of different Block of Hooghly District, we have started off the awareness campaign on married women and girls for their necessity of education, health care and equation participation in society development. The fundamental aims & objectives of the projects consists of :

  • Awareness Generation on family health to village women.
  • Awareness for necessity of women education with requirement of proper training for self-employment.
  • Awareness on requirement of women’s participation in development process of society.
  • Awareness on women’s social justice and empowerment.


Future Programme

  • Women’s Development Project from Govt. of Indiaprocess.
  • Aged Care project, i.e Daycare Centre, Medicare Unit, Govt. of India Ministry of social justiceand empowerment
  • Functional Vocational Training Centre for youths and women
  • Self Help Group for micro credit system
  • Legal awareness camp program
  • Different type of Rural Development Project
  • Arrangement of accommodation of aged by Old age home and Cottage for Orphan children facilities
  • National Education Group (NEG) and Education Institute form govt. of India
  • Charitable Hospital & Medical Center from Govt. of India

Education Programme

Our Organization get most successful result in this program. Four ministries teach basis formula about 100 students, common people encourage and help us according to there desort. It is named as “BB Child Education Center”.

The Organization apart a coaching center for promoting of elementary education for children of which are very much necessary. The said coaching center a very popular among the poor rural people. They are very happy for participate of the Activities. The Organization has also running a computer center.

Help to Poor

As per our last year activities we organized a program for help to poor SC/ST aged & Minority community (Muslim) in our locality.

The Organization distribute 130 no. cloths and blankets among this people the local resource person of our area also present of this Nobel program. We organized Blood donation camp, Eye camp, cultural program to promote the cultural atmosphere in the society. The peoples are participation in this activities triggered up the all around success of the Organization.

Relief Mass Programme

During the year we help the flood effected people near about 100 nos. of family are benefited of this activities. We donated them cloths, foods and medicine for there requirement.